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What is The Gender Pay Gap?

Who is included in this analysis?

Asurion Europe has three legal entities which employ staff in the U.K. Asurion Europe Limited is the largest with over 250 employees at the time the required snapshot was taken on 5 April 2017. Asurion Europe Limited includes full and part-time employees working in our Customer Care contact centre and various Corporate departments (Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Technology, etc.).

According to the legislation, we are only required to report gender pay gap data for Asurion Europe Limited and not for our other two entities given their size (<250 employees). But in an effort to be as transparent as possible and tell the full story to the general public, our clients, colleagues, customers and investors, we have outlined our combined U.K. information in addition to the required Asurion Europe Limited data. We believe that the consolidated data is more meaningful and representative of our U.K. operations.

It is important to keep in mind that this information does not represent our gender or pay distribution among the more than 17,000 team members we employ globally outside of Europe.

What we’ve learned

  • We are confident that within Asurion Europe Limited, and across our other U.K. entities, men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent roles.
  • In Asurion Europe entities across the U.K., the biggest driver in our overall gender pay gap is lower female representation in senior management and our technology department.

To view the full report please feel free to download here.