Day-to-day life in customer care

A typical day in customer care involves being on the phone for the majority of the time. The rest of the day goes on admin, 1-2-1 time with managers, liaising with colleagues in different departments, and team meetings. The work can be demanding because you're dealing with customers from all walks of life and sometimes handling objections and complaints but the satisfaction that comes from helping people is very rewarding and you do get nice "thank yous". Plus you're part of a great team, you have plenty of training and support and there are regular treats! (For example rewards such as a lunch of your choice.)

Working patterns

Because our customer services team provide a service 7 days a week, our teams work shift patterns. This includes some weekend working and some evening shifts but the good news is that you get your rota 9 weeks in advance, we make sure it's fair to everyone, and there's a culture of shift-swapping so everyone helps each other out. Plus it's nice having time off in the week sometimes.

The office hours are: Monday - Friday, 08.00 - 21.00 and Saturday - Sunday, 09.00 - 18.00.

Please note: Customer care specialists in back office roles (i.e. people who work in claims, complaints or quality assurance) work different office hours.